In this article, we feature one of our clients whose BCIP (Build in Canada Innovation Program) application was not accepted. However, from the story below, you'll see just how much of an impact simply going through this process made, and it actually helped their business thrive and grow exponentially.



One of our software clients working towards BCIP was launching an app that provided a simple and elegant solution for a multibillion-dollar problem….workplace health and safety fines that accumulate due to expired certificates.

With live beta customers, the client was able to demonstrate traction, performance, and demand within their customer base. When we started working together, they were ready to convert those beta customers into paying accounts. Rather than converting just a handful of customers immediately, we began prepping them to sell at scale.



For new products coming to BCIP, selling at scale means that your business is ready to serve multiple enterprise-level customers successfully. If you are launching a physical product, you need to be certain your company is ready to meet demand. Similarly, if your product is a software-as-a-service or platform-as-a-service (SaaS/PaaS) model, you need to be ready with complete train-the-trainer programs, user on-boarding, and professional training resources.

At first glance, this may seem like you’re adding a lot of extra work, but it is well worth it. Rather than launching a product that serves accounts worth a few hundred dollars a year, successful BCIP innovations are a step ahead of the competition in their readiness to serve 6 figure accounts... This is a GAME CHANGER.



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