Why Ascension?

Incentivize Innovation


Why Ascension?

Incentivize Innovation


innovation and technology should simplify your business

Why do so many companies suffer from rigid, costly, and sometimes even beastly technology? Creating an elegant, profitable, customer-centric solution shouldn't be out of reach, even for small and medium sized companies.

In the (very near) future, every company will be a technology company. How you manage the information that moves through your business is no longer necessary for success, it is crucial for survival.

Whether you are a rapidly scaling startup seeking to manage the B2B market, or a seasoned and established enterprise looking for an edge, one thing is certain: you need to constantly be improving, measuring, and repeating in this rapidly changing technology ecosystem. And, so do we.

Many management teams find themselves scrambling to fill holes in their systems without a measured approach to deploying innovation. Without a 30,000-foot-view of their business, they end up stuck in the trenches, restricted by a "solution" designed by a "specialist" with tons of product knowledge but little to no actual business savvy.

Unlike thousands of the Cloud Technologists, CRM consultants, and ERP vendors on the market today, we strive to understand how your business functions best...knowing that even the best technologies will always be changing, updating, and adapting to market shifts. 

why ascension?

Ascension Innovation Management is transforming how companies engage with their customers and their data. Our focus is on the people using these systems and tools in order to empower teams to drive innovation. We work closely with our clients in many industries ranging from government, financial services, SaaS and manufacturing to expertly develop and maintain sustainable growth strategies.

As your company grows and learns, we unlock your team's ability to execute data-driven decisions using enterprise software leaders such as Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, and Google Suite.

We are driven by one common goal: to help your business succeed in the long term, despite changing technology.

At Ascension, we know that in order to future proof your business, your teams need instant access to information, analytics, and collaboration. Our dedicated North American consultants ensure your business teams can anticipate market shifts, carefully manage the customer experience, and fill in gaps before you encounter issues.

Ascension's comprehensive discovery process includes: 

  • assessment of where you are today
  • identification of risks, pain points, and gaps
  • impact analysis of recommended solutions
  • strategic implementation of solutions that best suit your needs today
  • continuous iteration and improvement

We don't expect you'll be able to predict the future of technology and where it will take your business. But we can help you to identify the best possible systems for your company's unique technology needs today and how it will help your company grow in the future.